Time and expense tracking

Now your team members can easily enter the hours spent on completing project activities. D5E provides an auto populated details of the tasks which make’s it easy for team members to log time spent.

Timesheet Entries for All Types of Activities

As a team member, you can enter timesheet details for all types of activities you work on - be it project tasks, issues, risks or any ad hoc event. You can state whether a these entries are billable or non-billable.

Timesheet Report Showing All Activities

As a project manager you can view timesheet records for all activities be it - issue, risk, ad hoc event. The report groups activities based on whether they are planned and un-planned activities. Of course, you can export this report to an excel /spreadsheet format.

Timesheet Report of your team

D5E Online Timesheet lets you view timesheet report for your team for a given duration. You can view timesheet details for current month/ quarter/ year or a specific duration. You can also specify whether you would like to view timesheet entries for billable, non-billable or all records. This report can be exported to excel file.