Resource Management

Plan projects and tasks much more accurately Plan to start / end time, hours or days Schedule in relation to holidays and public holidays Plan in relation to the competence D5E Resource Management is a breakthrough planning tool that provides user-friendly tools for project planning. D5E contains resource plans, project plans and calendar views, giving a complete overview of the future burden of employees and projects - in short, the perfect planning program! D5E Resource management allows the user to plan projects and resources in a completely new and innovative way.

Find available resources

As soon as a project is created, the project manager find available resources and immediately staffing the project.

Project Calendar

D5E allows for detailed calendar management that is fully integrated with D5E project and resource management. The calendar allows for retail planning staff in a new and intuitive way.

Create / edit / move / repeat / delete directly on the calendar
Create new cases directly on the calendar
Assign colors to each calendar registration
Select and view only 'favorite people'
Show only for a project, a customer or a department