Record billing hours

D5E time tracker solution provides you types of activities, against which you can log time. So your project activities could be Billable or non-Billable activity. Using aggregated number of billable/non-billable information you can use billing rate details to calculate total billability of time spent on project activities.

Timesheet Approval History

As a project team member when you submit timesheet details, it is submitted for project manager's approval. Project manager can review timesheet entries - he/she can edit, approve or reject it. The timesheet approval history is shown to project team member as well as to approvers.

• Invoicing Highlights and Benefits
• Automatic creation of invoices
• Customized template
• Invoicing history
• Export invoices to Excel, PDF
• Invoicing details (specific details of items invoiced)
• Creation of Invoices with customer data (billing address, client number, etc…)